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Chairman of the Board & Co-founder
EHA Impact Ventures
January 2021 – Present

EHA Impact Ventures is a philanthropic impact investing enterprise that supports early stage, high-impact, female-owned SMEs in Africa. Unlike traditional business financing, we support SMEs by providing flexible, non-equity based financing paired with high-quality, local, shared business resources to ensure business growth and success.

Our goal is to improve the wealth and health of African women, their families, and communities.

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Executive Director & Co-Founder
eHealth Systems Africa
June 2009 – Present

eHealth Africa is an African based non-profit organization that strives to establish new standards in health delivery and emergency response. I touch every part of the business from an operational to a strategic level. Mostly involved in finance and administrative oversight, strengthening and streamlining operational procedures, and every step of the project management lifecycle.

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Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder
EHA Clinics
March 2018 – Present

EHA Clinics is a digital health start-up that combines:
1) brick-and-mortar clinical spaces designed to meet international standards and integrated services (lab, pharmacy, dental, eye) all under one roof.

2) fully electronic systems – patient apps, tech-enabled 24/7 call center, tech-supported patient management, and data-driven quality management systems

3) telemedicine – connecting patients in our clinic or at home with affordable and high-quality medical reviews and opinions.

4) on-demand, and at-home health services to ensure patients can be monitored remotely or treated at home when it’s inconvenient and often unsafe to seek medical care in a standard hospital.

5) an “insurance-like” medical benefit/membership package for individuals, families and corporate groups that want a purchase medical care directly without going through an insurance provider.

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