Sorry for the long delay in posts. Things have been really busy here! Here is a quick list of all the projects we are currently working on.

  1. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital: proposal to implement an electronic medical record system and human resources software. Giving a presentation to the administration next week.
  2. Kano State Ministry of Health: proposal to do a pilot implementation of electronic medical records in 10 facilities (5 hospitals and 5 clinics). I have attached the proposal for you to take a look at. The budget includes full solar set-up for all 10 facilities.
  3. Lottery Fund: proposal to do 7 electronic medical record system implementations in 7 different states in order to raise awareness about eHealth and EMRs.
  4. Pop Council: providing technology support for their community based surveillance of maternal, child and newborn health project. This project is planned to start early next year and we should be signing contracts within the next month.
  5. Nigerian Information and Communication Technology Conference: Adam and I will be attending this conference as guests of the Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (the only eHealth group in Nigeria). The meeting will be attended by the main stakeholders and political leaders for health care and technology. We are up to win an award for our work on eHealth and think that it will be good publicity for us.
  6. Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative: We are helping this Kano based organization with a child nutrition program they are implementing in a small village. We are helping them collect information on child health using RapidSMS, a text message based data collection tool.
  7. Private clinics and hospitals: We are starting to market to small private clinics and hospitals. 60% of health facilities in Nigeria are private so it is a big market for us to get into. Also, they have the money to pay for EMR systems.

So a ton has been happening but we are still waiting to see what contracts we actually get and when we can start working. I am really missing “being in the action” and actually doing the EMR implementation so I am itching to get back in the field.

We moved in to a flat above our office which is amazing because we have constant electricity and internet. The benefits of living on top of an ISP.

Adam had a staph infection and got a boil on his face. It was really gross but it is gone now.

Money is starting to be a bit of a problem. Nigeria is incredibly expensive. Everything has cost more then we budgeted for and everything is taking way longer to do then it should. For instance, it took 3 weeks to set up a bank account. Then it cost $28 to transfer $12,000 here. Then it cost another $90 to take $9,000 out of the bank. And that is standard. Why it costs money to take my own money out of the bank, i have no idea. Immigration has also been the biggest pain in the butt. It seems that every thing we try to do is made harder by corruption, and pretty much everything is corrupt (sorry Nigeria, but from my experiences, this is true) which means everything is hard. And everything cost money. So needless to say, we are really hoping to get some of these contacts signed soon!

That’s all for now. I will put up a lot of the proposals and information brochures i have made online on our website

Also, if you have any topics that you think would be interesting for me to write about, I want to write another Feminist Majority Blog and would love some suggestions.

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