After spending time in Abuja meeting with Pathfinder International and SfTeHiN, we traveled to Kaduna to see all my Nigerian friends, mommies, aunties, and co-workers.

In Kaduna, we stayed at the Halal Fountain Hotel. After seeing how much luggage and equipment we had, they wisely decided to put us in the closest room to the lobby. Apparently in Nigeria, there are only 2 types of bed: ones that are rock hard and ones that feel like a 500 lb man slept in it for 5 years. Unfortunately, the room in Kaduna was the later. But at least we got Internet, really really slow Internet.

On Tuesday, we stopped by the Shehu Idris Clinic where I spent my time last summer and where the EMR system is set up. Wow, it was fantastic to see everyone but really overwhelming at the same time. Everyone was coming up to me and hugging me and pulling me to see other people and asking “how is your family?”, “how is your mommy?”, “how is your daddy?”, “how is Obama?”, “how is being back in Nigeria?”. Then Mama grabbed my arm and kept saying “Zona! Zona!” (Come, Come) and showed me the whole clinic, just in case I had forgotten anything. Everyone at the clinic is doing very well. They are busier then ever and have hired a few more recent graduates from the Shehu Idris College of Health Sciences and Technology to help out with the patients. I didn’t get a chance to see my baby but next time I come, they promised to bring her.

Sorry but i did not take any pictures this time. Like I said, it was a bit overwhelming but I will take a ton next time I go.

I am sure you will all be happy to know that the EMR system is still up and running and the staff has continued to enter in patient records! After a short evaluation, Adam and I can see some ways the system can be improved. We are going back to do a more in-depth evaluation of the EMR system at the clinic next time we are in Kaduna and will put that online ASAP.

We also had the opportunity to meet with Pathfinder, Kaduna office and see Dr. Sada, Aisha, Fatima, and David again. Our meeting went really well and we are going to continue to collaborate on EMR implementations. We are traveling to Katsina on Sunday to meet with the Ministry of Health to discuss doing EMR implementations at a few of their government hospitals. It would be really fantastic if we could get a contract with them and get 2 more systems running. With more systems running, more data will be coming in, and hopefully more contracts to do more EMR systems will be coming in as well!

Now we are in Kano, looking for a place to live, a car to drive, and figuring out our lives. We have a fantastic office at ECNX and the owner, Jihad, has been absolutely fantastic. It has been the biggest hassle having to travel with all this equipment so now that we have an office (free of charge), it makes things much easier.











Adam and I are also getting a Nigerian Drivers License next week. Don’t we look cool?

Adam. Dr. Sada, and I are heading to Katsina today to give a presentation to the Ministry of Health and local leaders to pitch the idea of doing EMRs at their general hospitals. Dr. Sada has been working with them on their health budget and has tried to get information technology some funding. Hopefully this presentation will help the budget pass and we can get to work!

Will update about the meeting when I get back on Monday/Tuesday.

2 Responses to “Abuja -> Kaduna -> Kano”

  1. Jana Reznicek

    Hello Evelyn! Everything sounds fabulous! So glad that your journey was sucessful and that you are getting settled. Sounds like you have quite a journey ahead of you and oh yah, a lot of work, but I am sure that you will be able to accomplish all that you have set out. I want to wish you many blessings and I will pray for your safety and success on this trip. Looking forward to hearing about your trip along the way. Mormor wanted me to tell you that although she is unable to figure out how to send you an emessage, she is reading all the blogs and looks forward to hearing about your journey! She’ll be calling == the old fashioned way! Love you! Moster Jana

  2. Tina

    Hi Evelyn, glad to hear that all is well and you are moving forward quite quickly. Mormor told me about Marianne’s friends that you already know. Small world isn’t it? Love you bunches, Moster T

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